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Team Bison Tactical 2019

Team Bison Tactical is ready for another fun and challenging season.  We are a bit more geographically diverse in our match attendance in 2019.  We are still practicing and shooting a lot of matches and hope to win a few.

Scott DeCapio  [Team Captain] PRS# 391, NRL# 159

Scott DeCapio Team Bison Tactical  Scott DeCapio National Rifle League Team Bison Tactical

Our team captain Scott DeCapio has been competing in Open Division Precision Rifle Series since 2014.  Scott jumped ship from Air Rifle Field Target shooting to join the ranks of Long Range Precision rifle, racking up a series of impressive finishes to date.  Some top finishes include a 1st place win PRS Quiet Riot 2016, 3rd place PRS NM Precision Rifle Championship 2017, 3rd place 2017 Competition-Dynamics Team Challenge, 3rd place PRS Battle of Breakneck 2016, 4th place 2017 PRS Heatstroke Open, 4th place PRS Mill Creek Ranch, 5th place PRS Woody’s Match Regional Qualifier 2015, 6th place PRS Tactical Supply 2016 and many 1st place rankings in a variety of club level matches in the region.

Scott lives in Nederland CO with his wife and young son.  Once upon a time he climbed big rocks for a living, and has traveled extensively around the world.

Scott’s primary competition rifle is a Bighorn TL3 left handed action currently chambered in 6mm Dasher using a 26″ Bartlein 5R barrel with a 1/7.25 twist fitted to a left-hand MPA chassis.  Scott uses a Huber 2 stage trigger, and the APA Little Bastard brake to help keep on target for fast follow-up shots.  The scope that allows Scott to get so many hits is the Schmidt & Bender PMII 5-25 with a TReMoR 3 reticle.  Other equipment Scott claims seriously improves his scores are a Kestrel 5700 with Applied Ballistics, Traust Shooting Accessories Gamer bag, the Tactical Udder bag and his new Silencer Tech double baffle suppressor.

Andy Reinhardt  PRS# 717, NRL# 44

Andy Reinhardt Competitive Shooter  Andy Reinhardt Competitive Shooter 2

It’s hard to keep a good man down!

In 2012 Andy started his career in long range shooting by entering a very tough competition the Competition-Dynamics Team Challenge.  He and a partner competed against a field of 50 teams, and placed 18th.  Determined to do better, Andy and his teammate tried again for the next 5 years, placing 4th (2013), 1st  (2014), 1st (2015), 1st (2016) and 3rd (2017 with Scott DeCapio).

Andy is living proof that the axiom “hard work pays off” is really true.  Andy started in Precision Rifle Series in 2015, and has been hooked ever since.  He is a certified instructor, competes in USPSA Handgun and Outlaw 3-Gun in addition to the Precision Rifle Series and National Rifle League.  Some of Andy’s personal best scores are 1st place in numerous very challenging Competition-Dynamics events, 8th place in the New Mexico Precision Rifle Championship PRS match (2016), and 5th place in the Nightforce 2-Gun Challenge (2017).

When Andy is not competing, he is spending time with his wife and daughter, riding motorcycles, four wheelers and camping.  He started shooting with his father when he was young using a Marlin .22 lever action shooting tin cans, and continues to this day with a bit different gear!

Andy Reinhardt runs a Bighorn Arms TL3 action chambered in 6mm BRA (BR Ackely Improved) or 6×47 in the new XLR Envy JV Heavy Fill chassis.  He runs a Bartlein barrel with a 1:7.25 twist rate for the heavy 115 grain DTAC’s from David Tubb.  His scope is a Schmidt & Bender PM II 5-25 with a Tremor3 reticle.

Andy Hawkins  PRS# 967

Andy Hawkins Team Challenge

Andy Hawkins

Andy Hawkins joins Team Bison Tactical for 2018 after entering the Precision Rifle Series scene with a bang (pun intended).  He spent 2017 focused on the PRS club series in the Rocky Mountain region, successfully taking 1st place.

Andy spends a lot of his time running Hawkins Precision, a manufacturing company specializing in custom rifle components.  He is a long time hunter who is also a machinist business owner and semipro long range shooting competitor.

Andy hails from Colorado Springs, CO and spends any free time with his wife and 3 children visiting national parks.

Swimming against the current is in Andy’s nature, which is why he runs a Lone Peak Fuzion action chambered by Weaver Rifles in 6mm BRX.  He runs a Bartlein barrel with a 1:7.25 twist sitting in a McMillan A5 stock.  The McMillan in question runs the “unfair advantage” Hawkins Precision DBM bottom metal, the Hawkins Precision Muzzle brake and his Schmidt & Bender PMII 5-25 rests securely in the Hawkins Precision Heavy Tactical scope rings !

Claire Davison  PRS# 3191

Claire-Davison-Competitive Shooter 1  Claire-Davison-Competitive Shooter 2

Claire shot her first rifle in 2014 and fell in love with long range shooting immediately after hitting a 1000 target for the first time. Thanks to the support of her husband, Josh Leitch, and friends Zach and Mary Beth Olson, she began attending 300 yard local club matches the same year and never looked back. Within the Pikes Peak shooting community, strangers quickly became friends, and friends became extended family   (and a lucky few became my Bison Tactical teammates).

She joined the Bison Tactical shooting team in 2018 and jumped in feet first; attending nearly a dozen national level matches, many times squadding alone, and soaked up tons of information, tips, and techniques along the way. It wasn’t always easy but with the support of the community paired with her desire to succeed she has persevered. Claire’s persistence and dedication to gun-safety earned her the sportsmanship and safety awards from match directors and the president of the NRL.  She moved to North Dakota in 2018 and became the PRS Plains Region’s first female shooter, thus finishing the year as the top lady in the region.

Claire relocated to Texas for the 2019 season and looks forward to shooting matches across the state this year. Last year she developed her independence, especially learning how to read wind, solve the COF challenges, and troubleshoot on the clock. This year she will focus on getting more creative with her gear and build stable shooting positions with minimal gear. With so many talented shooters across Texas and the Southwest region, she is confident she will keep learning and growing; and if she works hard enough, may take home a Top Lady trophy for 2019!

Claire is shooting a Bighorn Arms TL3 action chambered in .223 Remington with a Bartlein barrel.  The rifle is in a bright purple Masterpiece Arms chassis, and using a XTSP Mod22 2-stage trigger.  The entire ensemble is topped with a Schmidt & Bender 5-20 UltraShort with a Tremor3 reticle resting in Hawkins Precision Light Tactical rings.

Fred Barton [Team ManagerPRS# 3306 NRL# 69

Fred Team Bison Tactical  Fred Team Bison Tactical

2017 was Fred’s first full year of competitive shooting in Precision Rifle Series and the National Rifle League.  His best places were 21st at the NRL Mile High Shootout and 32nd at the PRS Extended Long Range match in Casper WY.  Fred accepted the challenge and shot the little 6mm Dasher out to 1900 yards competing against massive wind bucking calibers like 300 Norma Mag, 338 Lapua Mag and numerous others to take home 32nd place out of 98 shooters!

In 2016 Fred and Scott teamed up for the first time to compete in the extremely difficult Competition-Dynamics Sniper Adventure Challenge.  After a long year of training, they were successful, and took 3rd place.  Fred returned in 2017 to compete with Hugi Hilmisson, and they were one of 5 teams to complete the all the land navigation, resulting in an impressive 5th place finish.

Fred enjoys hiking in the mountains, volunteering with Project Appleseed and working with new shooters like the students at the CU Shooting Sports Club. He spends most of his spare time running his shop, or trying to get out to the range to practice.

Fred shoots a Bighorn TL3 sitting in an MPA chassis with a XTSP Mod22 2-Stage trigger and topped with a Schmidt & Bender PMII 5-20 UltraShort with a TReMoR 3 reticle.  The barrel is a Bartlein 5R with a 1:7.25 twist chambered in 6mm Dasher by Modacam Custom Rifles.  He runs a Silencer Tech suppressor, Feisol Carbon Fiber Shooting Tripod, Coated PSR Atlas Bipod and Traust Gamer bag.

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2019 Team Match Schedule and Results

NRL = National Rifle League
PRS = Precision Rifle Series
RMPRL = Rocky Mountain Precision Rifle League
( #X / XXX ) = # of finish / number of competitors

DeCapio (PRS Open Division)

  • APR 13 PRS [Qualifier] Rocky Mountain Mayhem, Penrose UT. (#27/93)
  • JUN 22 NRL Smith Ranch Shootout, NM (#21/100)
  • JUL 12 NRL High Country Precision Craig, CO.
  • JUL 19 NRL Heat Stroke, Camargo OK.

Reinhardt (PRS Open Division)

  • FEB 22 NRL Rifles Only Brawl, Kingsville TX. (#52/102)
  • MAY 18 NRL Prairie Rock Shootout, Bridgeport NE. (#26/115)
  • JUN 07 CD Steel Safari, Logan NM. (#4/70)
  • JUN 21 NRL NM Smith Ranch Shootout, Bloomfield NM. (#9/100)
  • JUN 27 CD Burris Optics Team Challenge, Douglas WY.
  • JUL 19 NRL Heat Stroke, Camargo OK.
  • JUL 00 W.T.R.C., Weston WY.
  • SEP 06 CD Sniper Adventure Challenge, Medicine Bow WY. (Volunteer Range Officer)
  • SEP 27 NRL Monster Lake Mayhem WY.
  • OCT 18 CD Team Challenge, Logan NM.
  • DEC 06 NRL National Rifle League Championship, Navasota TX.

Hawkins (PRS Open Division)

  • APR 05 NRL Silent Night, Ninnekah OK. (#40/112)
  • MAY 18 NRL Prairie Rock Shootout, Bridgeport NE. (#37/115)
  • JUN 01 PRS B&T Industries Spearpoint Shootout, Barnard KS.
  • JUN 27 CD Burris Optics Team Challenge, Douglas WY.
  • JUL 19 NRL Heat Stroke, Camargo OK.
  • AUG 10 PRS MPA Summer Shootout, Blakley GA.
  • OCT 19 PRS Altus Fall Classic, Baker FL.

Davison (PRS Open Division)

  • FEB 22 NRL Rifles Only Brawl, Kingsville TX. (#4 Lady | #101/110)
  • MAR 23 Mile Shot Challenge, Cresson TX. 
  • MAR 29 PRS Lone State Armory Jurassic Classic, Glen Rose TX. (#114/136)
  • APR 05 NRL Silent Night, Ninnekah OK. (Volunteer Range Officer)
  • MAY 04 PRS Best in Texas, Navasota TX. (#93/113)
  • MAY 31 NRL Vortex Rampage Mt. Auburn IA. (#2 Lady | #103/109)
  • JUL 12 NRL High Country Precision, Craig CO.
  • JUL 19 NRL Heat Stroke, Camargo OK.
  • AUG 23 PRS Lights Out, Ninnekah OK.
  • SEP 14 PRS Open Range Shooters Retreat Ramona, OK.
  • SEP 28 PRS Reveille Peak Range Open, Burnet TX.
  • NOV 15 PRS Finale, Finger TN.
  • DEC 06 NRL National Rifle League Championship, Navasota TX.

Barton (PRS Open Division)

  • JUN 22 NRL Smith Ranch Shootout, NM (#49/100)
  • JUL 12 NRL High Country Precision, Craig CO.
  • AUG 23 PRS Lights Out, Ninnekah OK.
  • SEP 06 CD Sniper Adventure Challenge, Medicine Bow WY.
  • SEP 27 NRL Monster Lake Mayhem WY.
  • NOV 15 PRS Finale, Finger TN.
  • DEC 06 NRL National Rifle League Championship, Navasota TX.