About Bison Tactical.com

Who are we ?

Bison Tactical was formed in 2010.It was created by a couple of friends who love shooting and wanted to find and provide top gear at reasonable prices to local and regional shooters.

Where are we located ?

Bison Tactical is a small shop dedicated to selling Competition Proven Gear located in Boulder, Colorado.You can reach us by phone at 303-443-0718 or by email at [email protected] .

We are in the Mountain time zone (1 hour earlier than Pacific).

What do we sell ?

Bison Tactical sells and develops products primarily aimed at competitors in Precision Rifle Series and Tactical Field Shooting matches like those pioneered by Competition-Dynamics.We encourage setting up an appointment to meet if you would like to stop by and visit.We have our FFL and SOT so can handle NFA as well as conventional firearm transfers.

What events and entities do we sponsor ?

Bison Tactical has and continues to be a sponsor for events such as the Sniper Adventure Challenge, Steel Safari, Team Safari, US Optics Team Challange, Snipers Hide Cup, Resurgence 3-Gun, Butte Creek Classic and a variety of other local events in the Colorado and Wyoming area.

We sponsor Team Bison Tactical, check out the team page here.

We are currently the primary sponsor of Kirk Young and the Precison Rifle Media Podcast.We have appeared on many episodes of the podcast for a number of years.The old episodes can be found here (known as the Precision Rifle Podcast).There is a lot of great information presented by Kirk and we highly recommend a listen !

Bison Tactical is a proud financial supporter of the following organizations, we support your 2nd Amendment rights, never give up the fight !

Bison Tactical and BisonTactical.com are a division of General Commerce LLC