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Armageddon Gear Suppressor Cover

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The Armageddon Gear Suppressor Cover significantly reduces and delays the effects of suppressor mirage on the rifleman's ability to identify and engage his target, as well as giving the user the ability to remove their suppressor sooner from their rifle, not having to wait for the can to completely cool down after long courses of fire.

Highly-secure and stable design stays locked in place during vigorous movement, yet can be adjusted or removed in seconds.

Rated for use on bolt-action and semi-automatic precision rifles. Not for use on fully-automatic weapons.

Cover design ensures ZERO contact areas between nylon shell and hot suppressor.

Adjustable shock cord ensures custom fit and retention.

Notes on temperature ratings and use:

Your suppressor mirage cover is designed to mitigate the mirage caused by the radiant heat emitted from your suppressor as you shoot. The cover is designed solely for use on bolt-action and semi-auto precision rifles or for slow to moderate firing schedules. Through several years of observation we have found that most of the few cover failures we’ve seen have resulted from use on rapidly fired AR15 or other 5.56mm rifles or through long periods of sustained fire from 5.56mm rifles. The Armageddon Gear Suppressor Mirage Cover is designed to mitigate mirage and is neither designed nor intended to be used on semi-auto carbines that will be used for rapid fire or on any fully automatic firearm. Your suppressor mirage cover is not designed or intended to prevent burns to the shooter or the shooter’s equipment. Properly installed and used as intended, your Armageddon Gear Suppressor Mirage Cover will provide many years of trouble-free service.

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