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Colorado Precision Rifle Sling

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The Colorado Precision Rifle sling was designed by the instructors and CP Rifle. This purpose built precision rifle sling has evolved out of a Forms Follows Function mindset. This sling allows the trainers at CP Rifle to teach shooters the fundamentals of marksmanship, as well as allow them to maximize student’s stability in a number of situations. The sling is simple, durable, versatile, light and highly functional.

The sling can be used both as a cuff and as a 2-point sling. It is easily adjustable, as the user simply needs to pull towards themselves to get the proper amount of tension. The sling is simple in the fact that is has a minimal amount of moving parts, and extremely durable. It features all metal slide fasteners, and is padded only where need to cushion hands, wrists, and shoulders when in use.
This sling was developed by CP instructors to meet the needs of their students, competitors and the Special Operations Snipers. It is made in Colorado out of materials made in the USA by Traust.

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