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Forster Co-Ax "LS" Lower Shellhoder Jaws

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Designed to accommodate larger shells, the Forster Co-Ax "LS" Lower Shellhoder Jaws are the perfect tool for balancing your cases for removing rims without damaging the case itself. Available in a wide range of sizes to fit many different large caliber shells, these calipers comfortably hold the case in place without marking or denting the shell. The jaws are also self-actuating, with spring-loaded arms that swing to connect with the base of the cannelure, helping to create a more precise removal. With the free-floating grasp, cases can naturally settle into balance to find the exact center in the die. All of these great features make the Co-Ax a fantastic way to make reloading a faster and more streamlined process. 

Check the Manufactures site for a non-exhaustive list of which shellholder is used for a particular cartridge.

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