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Gamer Bag by Traust Shooting Accessories

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The original Gamer bag from Traust Shooting Accessories - now available at Bison Tactical

Made in the USA - a Colorado Product !

This bag has some great features that make it very useful for positional shooting.  The long shoulder strap really shines when time is very important since you can sling the bag out of the way behind you, and only pull it around when you need to use it to stabilize your shooting position.

The bag comes in 3 colors Coyote Tan, Ranger Green and MultiCam.  


The dimensions are 12" long x 8" tall x 8" wide, 1.5lbs.

There are two elastic straps on the long side running the width of the bag, and on the adjacent long side is a lengthwise elastic strap.  You can use either of these to quickly place the bag over your rifle or quickly place the bag over your arm.  

The unique shoulder strap is detachable with fastex buckles, so you can run it as a conventional large lightweight rear bag, or use it to consume large voids in your position.  When using the shoulder strap (most recommended) run the bag around your body and use it in high kneeling or reverse kneeling under your trigger arm.

The Gamer bag has two cinch straps.  one that goes from end to end length wise, and another that covers the entire width.  This width strap is captured under a piece of fabric so that it doesn't interfere with any of the other straps, and is perfect for keeping the bag tall when you need the extra height.

Each bag also comes with a unique fill pouch.  It is initially sewn shut, and tucked inside a Velcro closure on the the edge of the bag.  It is so well designed that it is almost unnoticeable, and makes it virtually impossible for the fill to spill out when using the bag.


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