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Silencerco Suppressor Piston

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Suppresor pistons are used for attaching handgun suppressors to semi-automatic pistols.  The piston acts as part of the Nielson device, which allows for movement and reliable semi-auto cycling.  The piston also contains the female threads for attaching the suppressor to the host weapon.  Silencerco pistons are easily interchangeable, allowing for one suppressor to fit a multitude of weapons, as well as allowing suppressors of larger bore diameter to be used on smaller calibers, (i.e. a .45 caliber suppressor being used for a 9mm pistol). 

The Silencerco pistons are made from 17-4 Stainless steel and heat treated for longer operational life.

These pistons are compatible with the following suppressors: 

  • Octane series
  • Osprey series
  • Hybrid
  • Omega K series

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