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Garmin Foretrex 701 Ballistic Edition Review

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The Garmin Foretrex 701 is wrist or weapon mounted device is an all-in-one, state of the art ballistic calculator and a GPS/navigation unit. It contains the entire Applied Ballistics bullet and Custom Drag Model library, more than 100 slots for gun profiles, and added memory and storage to quickly calculate firing solutions in excess of 10,000 yards.

Precision Rifle Matches Close to Denver Colorado and the Surrounding Areas

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If you’re looking for some friendly competition in the sport of precision rifle shooting, there are several recurring competitions along the Front Range. These venues each have their own flavor as far as terrain and feel, as well as how they are conducted.  You won’t find a better place to meet friendly, like-minded people.  They are […]

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Atlas bipods available now in RAL8000

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If you don’t know what color RAL8000 is, don’t worry – its not a very common color here in the US.  RAL is a color standard that is popular in Europe, and RAL8000 seems to be a common color used in military items like scopes manufactured by Schmidt and Bender, or weapons made by Heckler and Koch.  […]

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