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Talon Sling Swivels 1.25"

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The all steel TALON swivel features a one-piece body with the Quick-Release feature. The one-piece body gives the swivel extra strength and integrity. The Quick-Release feature allows the swivel to be installed or removed with just one hand and is quiet in the field. A stainless steel spring locks the swivel securely to any standard U.S. swivel base. The TALON is available in black oxide or stainless steel.

The TALON is the ONLY Stainless Steel (not nickel-plated) swivel in the market.


  • All Steel
  • Only True 100% Stainless Steel Swivel
  • Machine Finished Surfaces
  • No Wire Or Plastic Construction
  • Stainless Steel Spring
  • Silent In The Field
  • Q/r Quick-Release Feature
  • One-Piece Body
  • Fits All Standard U.S. Swivel Bases



Guaranteed FOREVER by the manufacturer, "The Outdoor Connection Inc.".


"These are words you rarely see in the marketplace this day and time. We want to serve and satisfy our customers, our products are Guaranteed8Forever. If you find a defect, return the product for a replacement. The Outdoor Connection GUARANTEE is the strongest in the Shooting Industry. All other warranties are conditional with limitations. We offer this warranty because our products are manufactured to withstand the test of time and hard use. We only use select quality materials and uncompromising craftsmanship that are able to survive the punishing conditions of hunting and shooting."

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