What the heck is this Udder Upgrade Program?

Udder Upgrade large

Just some new scheme cooked up by the addled brains over at Bison Tactical?  

Many shooters have a pile of bags that they’ve tried out and never use anymore. Instead of leaving them lying around collecting dust while rocking new amazing bags, why not pass them forward to new shooters so they have something to start out with?

  • You get a 1 time $20 discount on a hot new Tactical Udder 
  • But first you donate your old bags to your local Match Director

Here is how the program works

You donate your old bag(s) to your local Match Director.  Can be National level matches, local club matches – anything long range precision shooting related.

Bags large

Snap a picture with the match director receiving the bag(s), and post those pictures on social media [Facebook or Instagram].  Tag the pictures so we know they were posted, register for an account here on Bison Tactical and email me for a coupon code. 

Once I confirm the bags were donated I will add you to the list of people who help new shooters and send you the coupon code for a discount on your new Tactical Udder!

Everyone wins!

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