HRD Gear 6BR/Improved BR Magazine Kits

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Shooting 6BR or one of the 6BR improved calibers has become extremely popular in practical/tactical matches over the last few years. They are easy to load for, consistent, very accurate, and have almost no recoil in heavy target rifles. However, if you’ve ever run them in AICS or AW pattern magazines, you know at some point you’ll likely have a feeding issue. Or a match full of feeding issues.

HRD mediumSome common feeding issues include the cartridge nosediving and jamming under the feed lips, not being able to pick up the round, or the bolt picking it up too late or too early and jamming in seemingly 100 different ways.  Even worse is when a cartridge falls back into the magazine, finding the space between the nose of the bullet and the front of the mag. It’s a stage ender, and there’s several solutions out there from multiple vendors to help this problem. The most popular are for 10 round AICS magazines, and they’re the most commonly used because they work well and they’re reliable. However, if you want to use shorter double stack style magazines such as an AW or American Rifle Company mag, there are fewer readily available options.

Recently HRD Gear came out with a 6BR spacer kit for AW magazines. It is designed to make 6BRs and their variants run flawlessly in the AW/AX magazines (part numbers 0726 and 6677). The back spacer is a press fit and clips into place from the top of the magazine. There is a small hole to aid in the removal of the back spacer and the tip of a bullet fit perfectly in there. No tools are required, or modification needed to install the kit. [youtube] CLICK HERE if the video above isn’t displayed, to watch the video of the mag kit running in a GA Precision Templar action. (Defiance) Recently HRD Gear has also been testing out a spacer kit for the American Rifle Company magazines. When they hit the market these mags were very popular due to their shorter size as they are double stack, single feed, and can be used in actions without an AW cut. They’re also Teflon coated, making them slick and fast. However, the magazines will work for some shooters and just not work for others. The followers can also get stuck if they’re not kept clean. As a solution, the HRD Gear kit for the ARC mag includes a back spacer, new full length follower and a flat spring like you’d find in an AICS magazine. The full length follower and flat spring help the follower self-center in the magazine body, allowing it to be less susceptible to binding and failing when dirty. The spacer is also set far enough back for Dasher and BRX shooters with more freebore. Allowing shooters to load long without issue. [youtube] CLICK HERE to watch the above video if it is not displayed in your browser.  The video is of the HRD Gear spacer kit in an ARC Mag, running in a Mausingfield. The HRD Gear magazine kits have been a big hit, with many top shooters testing and using them. If you’d like to try one for your AW cut action, get yours from Bison Tactical today. Hopefully you’ll find a reliable solution for your new BRX, Dasher or BR-A (or straight 6BR if you’re a purist). As anyone that’s been in this sport long enough, some magazines will work for your set-up and some will just not. The HRD Gear kits look to be a winner as it works for a lot of different actions, bottom metals and chassis systems. Check them out at today.