Ultralight Bolt Action rifle build for Sniper Adventure Challenge

This is my blog page documenting my ultralight bolt action rifle build for the 2023 Sniper Adventure Challenge. I can always use my backup AR-15 build (a 7.5 lb JP rifle) but, I wanted to try a bolt action carbine instead to see if it was possible. The Sniper Adventure Challenge is an adventure race […]

Preparing for the 2021 Sniper Adventure Challenge – Physically

Preparing for the 2021 Sniper Adventure Challenge

Since Tyler Hughes from Max Ordinate Academy (my partner for SAC) brought it up on our podcast I figured I would go into some detail about preparing for the 2021 Sniper Adventure Challenge. Hopefully I can explain how I prepare each year for the Sniper Adventure Challenge, and that will help you get ready for […]

2020 Sniper Adventure Challenge

2020 Sniper Adventure Challenge plotting points

The Race 04SEP2020 – 05SEP2020 Tyler from Max Ordinate Academy and I spent approximately 35 hours doing Land Navigation across 30+ miles and a variety of random tasks in an attempt to complete the 2020 Sniper Adventure Challenge. ** Note, I am publishing this in uncompleted form since I never completed writing the post, but […]

2021 Steel Safari Train-Up

Steel Safari Train-Up

May 7-9 2021: I took the Level 3+ Steel Safari Train-Up course offered by Colorado Precision Rifle at the JP Rifles Blue Steel Ranch in Logan New Mexico. I planned to shoot the 2021 Steel Safari for the first time as a Carbine shooter since I shoot most of my team matches. I often use […]

My 2019 Sniper Adventure Challenge Gear Review

Sniper Adventure Challenge Gear

2019 SAC Gear Review and Weights For most normal people (other than team Fuller/Steinbach) gear and the weight you have to carry is a big part of the Sniper Adventure Challenge.  While it certainly is a competitive advantage to have a light pack there is no real mystery to getting towards the light side of […]

Precision Rifle Matches in Colorado for 2020

Precision Rifle matches in Colorado for 2020

Practical/Tactical style matches are evolving every year. As shooters find it easier to make hits at distance, more matches are popping up to help push the limits of long range, precision rifle shooting. To help you plan your next match, or your first, here’s a list of precision rifle matches in the state of Colorado. […]

2019 Sniper Adventure Challenge

2019 Sniper Adventure Challenge

2019 Sniper Adventure Challenge – An Extreme Endurance Race for shooters! Match Name:  2019 Sniper Adventure Challenge Location:  Q-Creek Ranch Hannah, WY Coordinates: 42.208956N°, 106.523373W° Match Director:  Competition-Dynamics Match Dates: Sept 6-8 2019 Introduction to the Race Every year I have been involved in the Sniper Adventure Challenge it has been different.  This is what […]