2017 High Country Precision’s Mile High Shootout

In the past, I have attended many long range field competitions. I generally like to keep my match books from those competitions, since I write down notes about how to improve next time. Additionally these match books are a great source of example stages for me to practice. It has been a while, but this […]

Ultralight Bolt Action rifle build for Sniper Adventure Challenge

This is my blog page documenting my ultralight bolt action rifle build for the 2023 Sniper Adventure Challenge. I can always use my backup AR-15 build (a 7.5 lb JP rifle) but, I wanted to try a bolt action carbine instead to see if it was possible. The Sniper Adventure Challenge is an adventure race […]

Preparing for the 2021 Sniper Adventure Challenge – Physically

Preparing for the 2021 Sniper Adventure Challenge

Since Tyler Hughes from Max Ordinate Academy (my partner for SAC) brought it up on our podcast I figured I would go into some detail about preparing for the 2021 Sniper Adventure Challenge. Hopefully I can explain how I prepare each year for the Sniper Adventure Challenge, and that will help you get ready for […]

2020 Sniper Adventure Challenge

2020 Sniper Adventure Challenge plotting points

The Race 04SEP2020 – 05SEP2020 Tyler from Max Ordinate Academy and I spent approximately 35 hours doing Land Navigation across 30+ miles and a variety of random tasks in an attempt to complete the 2020 Sniper Adventure Challenge. ** Note, I am publishing this in uncompleted form since I never completed writing the post, but […]

2021 Steel Safari Train-Up

Steel Safari Train-Up

May 7-9 2021: I took the Level 3+ Steel Safari Train-Up course offered by Colorado Precision Rifle at the JP Rifles Blue Steel Ranch in Logan New Mexico. I planned to shoot the 2021 Steel Safari for the first time as a Carbine shooter since I shoot most of my team matches. I often use […]