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Desert Tech SRS A1

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The Desert Tech SRS-A1 is the pinnacle of a long-range precision in a compact design. It uses aircraft grade materials to minimize its size and weight. 


The Desert Tech SRS-A1 design brought some much need enhancements to its predecessor, the SRS (Stealth Recon Scout). Namely, a user configurable picatinny rail sections in the forearm, an adjustable cheek rest, and a more durable and reliable bolt. It also uses a new type of polymer that increases its strength by more than 150% while maintaining the same weight. The Desert Tech SRS-A1 maintains a ½ MOA accuracy or better with its use of a match grade barrels and triggers. The Barrels are 100% free-floating, meticulous machining of chambers and crowns, and rock solid return-to-zero barrel mounting system. The SRS-A1 is the shortest sniper rifle in the world because it uses a telescoping bolt and bullpup configuration. This combination makes it nearly a foot shorter than other conventional sniper rifles.


This rifle comes in 3 different colors, both right and left handed configurations, and 7 different calibers. With a quick swap design it makes it easy to switch barrels in the field for different applications. All configurations come with one standard Desert Tech 5 round magazine, threaded barrel with muzzle protector, and picatinny rail sections.

Calibers and Colors

  • Calibers: 22" or 26" .308 Win | 26" .260 Rem | 26" 6.5 CM | 26" 6.5x47 Lapua | 26" .300 Win Mag | 26" 7mm WSM | and 26" .338 LM
  • Colors: Black, Black/FDE, and full Flat Dark Earth

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