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Tactical Udder Field Bag

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Tactical Udder Field Bag

100% made in Colorado USA !

Patent Pending

Formally known as the Saracen bag, the Tactical Udder has been improved over the years based on personal experience and customer feedback.  The original design I envisioned with 4 legs and a flat top is based around the children's toy called a fortune teller (a paper game).  This design has been proven in competition to be extremely versatile in field shooting, and works amazingly well on barricades, rocks, tank traps, cattle gates and many other obstacles.  The Tactical Udder Field Bag is the best shooting bag for field shooting and has now been used in competitions across the world by hundreds of competitors.  

You may be curious about the Saracen vs Tactical Udder field bags.  The old version was know as the Saracen Bag a.k.a the Tactical Udder.  The Warhorse Saracen bag is the older version with four handles instead of two.  The Tactical Udder Field bag is the updated version with many new features and is under continuous development to deliver the best front bag for precision long range rifle shooters.  Some people also want to know about the Tactical Udder vs. Game Changer.  The Game Changer bag is also a good bag, but of a significantly different design.  The Game Changer works well for situations where a narrower bag is needed, while the Tactical Udder Field bag provides a much wider footprint for increased stability.

Check out the many options we offer for the Tactical Udder Shooting bag such as custom colors and designs, color logo embroidery, different strap arrangements and the HRD Gear quick detachable swiveling ARCA clamp. 

  • Initially overfilled to 6.5 lbs - adjust to your preference
  • WIDE hook & loop opening for adjusting fill and retrofitting attachments like the HRD Gear Arca Swiss Clamp
  • Two handles and 2 removable 12" hook & loop straps (except NUDE bag)

Available Nude !

Contact me for strapless Udders.


Our custom bags take longer, but can be done in a large variety of colors.  They can be two tone and have embroidery.  A lot of shooting teams want their logo embroidered on the bags or want team colors.  All this is possible, but the cost is dependent on the design.  The starting point is the cost listed on the website.  Give me a call and we can design the bag to your specifications.

HRD Gear ARCA clamp

As an option, you can add the new swiveling HRD Gear Arca Swiss clamp.  This clamp is 100% made in Colorado just like our bag.  It is quick release, so you can remove most of the clamp body.  This is useful when you don't want a clamp in the way (for example when using the bag as a rear bag).

Order Additional / Replacement Fill here.

Order Additional or Longer straps here

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