Thunder Beast Arms Ultra Suppressors

blogs posts ULTRA5 338BA 800
ULTRA5 338BA 800 large
TBAC ULTRA-5 next to a 338BA – that sucker is half the length and 1/2″ less in diameter!

BisonTactical is a NFA dealer – buy your Thunder Beast Arms Ultra Suppressors from us!


I have been shooting a .338 Brake Attached suppressor for a long time now (few years). That suppressor is great as it works on everything from .338 Lapua Magnum down. I shoot in a lot on .260 Remington and it keeps things very quiet while not affecting the accuracy of my Desert Tech with a Short Action Customs chambered Bartlein Barrel.

I ordered the Thunder Beast Arms ULTRA-7ULTRA-5 and L-1 suppressors, and they finally came in, and BOY WAS I SHOCKED!

Holy mackerel are those cans TINY – and LIGHT!

TBAC ULTRA-5 next to a 338BA – not quite as short but still amazingly small when your used to the .338BA

I can suggest to anyone currently running a .338BA for all your calibers – invest in one of the smaller new ULTRA cans from Thunder Beast – you will NOT be disappointed!

The L-1 is a tiny cigar shaped .22 can, got to get a threaded barrel for it now.

Now – got to get them to the range to test them out – give me a call if your around this weekend you can check them out with me at CRC (Colorado Rifle Club).