ADM Tactical Lever – Get the best lever mount for your AR or rifle

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The Best lever mount gets better, ADM releases the new ADM Tactical Lever, available soon!

ADM Tactical Lever
ADM Tactical Lever


We have ordered some and will have them in stock in about a week!  They provide a better grip on the lever and the latch is more easily deployed.  Making flipping the lever easier especially with gloves.  The Tactical Lever provides more positive engagement while speeding deployment of the lever – all around a win-win !

The non-tactical version is used on the Accu-Shot bipods (Atlas and PSR).  This upgrade will be available shortly from Bison Tactical as an option for your coated or non-coated BT10-LW17 (Standard Atlas Quick Release bipod)BT46-LW17 (Standard Height PSR bipod) or BT47-LW17 (Tall PSR bipod).