Atlas bipods available now in RAL8000

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No products were found matching your selection.

No products were found matching your selection.

If you don’t know what color RAL8000 is, don’t worry – its not a very common color here in the US.  RAL is a color standard that is popular in Europe, and RAL8000 seems to be a common color used in military items like scopes manufactured by Schmidt and Bender, or weapons made by Heckler and Koch.  The color is known as Brown Green – and has been described with various derogatory terms here in the US…

However, recently I had a customer order an Atlas biopd BT10-LW17 (the Atlas Bipod Quick Detatch) in RAL8000, and seeing it in person, I think it’s a wonderful color.  It is a pretty close match to coyote brown except it has more metallic sheen to the color and is a bit more greenish (very very slight).  Anyway, here are some pictures so you can judge for yourself !

Currently these are available as a backorder item.  If you place the item in the cart you will be told we don’t have a quantity to fill it currently.  Since this color is a specialty color, I am coating them on a as needed basis – so if you want your bipod to match your PM II scope, order one up and I will have it coated promptly for you!