Precision Rifle Matches Close to Denver Colorado and the Surrounding Areas

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If you’re looking for some friendly competition in the sport of precision rifle shooting, there are several recurring competitions along the Front Range. These venues each have their own flavor as far as terrain and feel, as well as how they are conducted.  You won’t find a better place to meet friendly, like-minded people. 

They are also a great way to test your own skills and to track self-improvement.

The following is a short list of organizations hosting these matches as well as pertinent contact information.

Since there are so many matches, we have tried to keep the matches specific to long range shooting, and located within 5 hours of the Denver, CO metro area.


Monthly / Local Matches

Rifle competition shooter taiking aim

Colorado Rifle Club

The Colorado Rifle Club (CRC), outside of Byers, Colorado hosts a monthly precision rifle match every 4th Saturday of the month.  The course of fire is the same each month.  Various target sizes are placed between 200 and 500 meters.  The course is run by each competitor three times for a total of 50 rounds fired.  For scheduling and match information, visit CRC Events Schedule

RJ Dussart (match director) can be contacted at 303-898-0301.

Pikes Peak Precision Rifle

In Ft. Carson, Colorado, The Pikes Peak Precision Rifle Monthly Match is hosted. The match takes place at Range #1 in the Cheyenne Mountain Shooting Complex.  The match is every 2nd Saturday of the month all year round depending upon the weather. Briefing starts at 8:30am and shooting begins at 9:00am. This facility is a square range, but has a challenging course of fire.  This match now counts toward the Precision Rifle Series points race.

Shooters must email prior to the match for a slot. For questions and more information, send email to [email protected].  There is also a Facebook group that bears the same name as the match; Pikes Peak Precision Rifle.

Pueblo West Sportsman’s Association

The Pueblo West Sportsman’s Association hosts the Precision Field Rifle Match every 3rd Saturday of the month.  They also hold the Precision Rim fire Rifle Match the following Sunday each month (3rd Sundays).  There are two sessions for the center fire match, each expending 40 rounds of ammunition-totaling 80 for the day. Shooters will be required to shoot from different positions other than prone and a tripod will come in handy at times.

The range can be found at 402 East Loma Drive, Pueblo West, CO.  

For more information contact call Tom at 719-660-5442 or email [email protected]

Colorado competition shooter aiming at target

Rifle Sportsmen’s Club

Outside of Rifle, Colorado, the Rifle Sportsmen’s Club hosts a monthly precision match. It’s described as being a steel match ranging from 200 to 800 yards.  The schedule for 2017 is already posted.  All calibers are welcome and the entry fee is $20.00 per shooter.

For more information view schedule here

Also, Shawn Christenson can be contacted at (970) 309-9772 or at [email protected].

Sporting Rifle Match

The Sporting Rifle Match is held the first Sunday of each month between the months of February and September.  The event takes place in Coal Creek Canyon on the north side of the NRA Whittington Center property.

It’s easily accessible via black top, just outside of Raton, New Mexico.

This is a hike and shoot style field match, and is the same course of fire each month.  Their website supplies a range card of all target distances, shapes, and relative location to the firing positon. The target distances range from 250 to 875 yards.  The entry fee is $30 and there is a small payout to the top shooters.

There are also team and magnum rifle variants of this match throughout the season.

For more information, visit

Northern Colorado Precision Rifle Match at Pawnee

The NoCo Precision rifle match is held at the Pawnee Sportsmen’s Center on the second Saturday of each month starting March 11th.  The entry fee for the match is $50, and 8:45am is the registration time.  The round count for the event varies anywhere from 50 to 100 rounds.  There is a private Facebook group called “NoCo precision rifle match at Pawnee”. Paul Dumphy is the match director. 

The facility is open to the public on the weekends for a fee of $20 per day.


National / Annual Matches

Competition shooters shooting at target

Butte Creek Tactical/Practical

The Butte Creek Tactical/Practical Match takes place 18 miles south of Holly, Colorado. There is no date set for 2017, but should take place in early spring and possibly one in early fall.  Out in the southeastern plains of the state (and in its infamous winds) the match is both beginner friendly and a challenge to professionals. 

Stages are set up for prone shooting, as well as plenty of barricades and traditional shooting positions. There is a private Facebook group called Butte Creek Tactical/Practical that can be found in a simple search. Everyone is welcome to join this group for further information or discussion.  Match dates will be posted sometime in January.

The match director is Justin Willhite, who can be contacted at 303-589-3700.

High Country Precision

High Country Precision’s Mile High Shootout is being held under the National Rifle League banner near Craig, Colorado July 22nd-23rd. This match will be a larger national level event attended by professional and non-professional shooters alike.

The match takes place in open, natural terrain.  The course of fire will be considered to be “practical”, as in there will be few to no man-made barricades.  Shooters may need to stand or use other traditional shooting positions to solve problems on each stage.  Also, many stages will be “blind”.  Distances will likely be known, but target location will not be.  There will be 18 stages across 3 different shooting sections.  The roster will be limited to roughly 110 shooters.

There is will a mandatory check in on the Friday before the match.  This will also be a vendor day for participants to see vendor products.  Lunch will be served on Saturday, and there will even be a pig roast prior to the awards ceremony on Sunday.

Registration will be open late January 2017.  View more details and register.

Darrin Fink Memorial Sniper Adventure Challenge

The Competition Dynamics Darrin Fink Memorial Sniper Adventure Challenge is a 36 hour two person team adventure race with guns.  It focuses on physically difficult tasks like land navigation and incorporates long range shooting with precision rifle, carbine and pistol.  There are a lot of fun challenges, but the physical difficulty level is very high.  This competition is being held in Douglas Wyoming September 8-10 2017.  Click here for more information.


Team Challenge

 The Competition Dynamic Team challenge is 3-day 2 person team match which focuses on very difficult practical field shooting.  The course covers a lot of high desert terrain and involves a significant amount of hiking over rough terrain under time pressure.  You will be required to acquire, range and engage targets while on the clock and move to your next field position also under time pressure.  This competition is held in Douglas Wyoming August 24-27 2017.  You can find more information at Competition Dynamics website.


We hope to see you competing at matches and out practicing at the range in 2017!