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CU Shooting Sports

The Shooting Sports at the University of Colorado Boulder student organization is:

We are a student organization at the University of Colorado at Boulder. We provide an opportunity for the students at CU to safely participate in a variety of shooting sports. We focus on shotgun sports but have members and teams that compete in other shooting sports. Safety is always our number one priority and having fun is our second. We are completely inclusive of all genders and skill levels.

CU Shooting Sports students

On Sunday 10/15/2017 Team Bison Tactical got the chance to spend the day with approximately 16 students from Shooting Sports at the University of Colorado Boulder campus.

Many of the students claimed some prior experience in the shooting sports ranging from pistol shooting to shotgun (the current main focus of the organization).  Some students had previously used a bolt action rifle for hunting, but none had shot bolt action rifles competitively in precision rifle.  I did an informal survey of the group, and the handful of students who had shot long distance averaged around 300 yards as the longest distance shot, with one student having make a hit at 700 yards.

Safety Brief

We started with a safety brief and some question and answers about shooting precision rifle and talked about Precision Rifle Series and National Rifle League.

Safety Brief

Shooting at 100 yards

There was a strong interest among the students in long range shooting, and we spent the rest of the morning shooting at the local range (Boulder Rifle Club) where the students were able to shoot their weapons, and where they had a chance to shoot 10 rounds through my 6mm Dasher chambered Bighorn Action.

Happy Students

A lot of the students had never shot a precision rifle previously, and being able to shoot a precision Bighorn action in an MasterPiece Arms chassis with an Ultra-9 Thunderbeast Arms suppressor elicited comments such as “it’s so easy to shoot” or “WOW” !

Tyler Murphy the organization’s president indicated there was a lot of interest in forming a team of student shooters to represent the University of Colorado for 2018 in PRS or NRL, and Team Bison Tactical has agreed to mentor and coach these students.


Woman Students enjoy shooting at CU too

We were extremely happy to have interest from both male and female students from the Shooting Sports at the University of Colorado Boulder organization, and look forward to working with them and their new team.


Next stop – getting the team beginner equipment on a shoe string !