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The Leica Rangemaster 2700-B comes with the same reliable technology, clarity, and accuracy as the Leica 2000-B. However the Leica Rangemaster 2700-B provides increased measurement distances, as well as a new prism system for minimal distortion. With a faster scan mode, an enhanced LED display, and the option to upload 8 gigs of your own ballistic data, the 2700-B is a smoother and more capable model. 
One of the major differences between the Leica Rangemaster 2700-B and the Leica 2000-B is the range. The 2700-B consistently and accurately measures objects 700 yards farther away (the range is 2,700 yards, hence the name) than the Leica 2000-B. I’ve actually personally ranged objects a bit farther than that too. 
Perhaps the most obvious physical difference on the Leica Rangemaster 2700-B is the integrated micro SD memory card slot. The 2700-B gives you the option to utilize your own ballistic data, or stick with the presets, with the ease of plugging in a phone charger. This feature is essential for precision shooters whose loads differ from a more common cartridge. The micro SD allows you to use your own ballistic curve up to an extended range of 1,000 yards(the presets only go to 875 yards). The Rangemaster 2700-B uses the same ballistic calculator as the Geovid HD-B 2200 Edition range finding binocular, however it costs thousands less.
The 2700-B features the same scan mode as the 2000-B, but scans at intervals displayed twice as fast. The 2700-B scans at a rate of one interval per 1/2 second.
The enhanced LED display of the 2700-B provides sharper information to the user, . It also features a circular reticle as opposed to the square reticle of the 2000-B. As well as the change of shape, the reticle has been downsized, allowing for more accurate ranging at long distance.
(2700-B on left, 2000-B on right)
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‘M’ for meters and ‘Y’ for yards is always displayed to the right of your range measurement now in the 2700-B. When setting up the ballistic curve with a memory card inserted, ‘Card’ now appears before EU1/US1. With the 2700-B measurements are accurate to the tenth place, up to 219 yards. The 2700-B uses the same lithium 3V battery as the 2000-B, so you’ll get about 2,000 measurements out of either model. Battery life is indicated by a flashing reticle and range measurements, at which point you have about 100 measurements remaining.
By the numbers, the 2700-B’s range is 11-2,700 yards. Range for the 2000-B is 10-2,000 yards. From 11-219 yards the 2700-B is accurate +/- 0.5 yards. From 219-437 yards it’s +/- 1 yard. From 437-875 yards it’s +/- 2 yards. From 875-2700 yards the accuracy is +/- 0.5%. Distance accuracy of one decimal place for distances up to 219 yards are now featured on the 2700-B. Accuracy for the 2000-B is +/- 1 yard up to 547 yards. +/- 2 yards up to 1,093 yards and +/- 0.5% over 1,093 yards.
The 2000-B uses a ridge prism system, in the 2700-B Leica has switched over to a roof prism system. The roof prism system is a little more complex, however it is more compact, lighter weight, and easier to weatherproof. Both the Rangemasters are waterproof to a depth of 3 feet, for a duration of 30 minutes. Keep in mind the micro SD slot on the 2700-B is only splash resistant. 
The Rangemaster 2700-B has improved operation and storage temperature ranges. This is good news for hunters and shooters in more extreme climates. The 2700-B has an operating temperature range of -4 to 130 degrees Fahrenheit. The operating temperature range on the 2000-B is 14 to 131 degrees Fahrenheit, Storage temperature range for the 2700-B is -40 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit. The storage temperature range on the 2000-B is -13 to 167 degrees Fahrenheit.  
The 2700-B’s body is made with the same carbon reinforced plastic as the 2000-B, however Leica has replaced the cast aluminum chassis with a cast magnesium chassis. Cast magnesium is the lightest weight commonly used alloy, so for shooters watching the weight of their gear, this is a plus.
Both the 2700-B and 2000-B provide 7x magnification and a 347 foot field of view at 1000 yards. It’s a clear and spacious sight picture allowing for easier identification of targets, even those within monochromatic terrain. 
You’ll see a four digit LED display on both the 2700-B and 2000-B Rangemasters. These LED displays automatically adjust brightness relative to your environment. Both Rangemasters’ incorporate the Advanced Ballistic Compensation system. The 2700-B and 2000-B use 12 different ballistic curves, so you have some options when deciding which is best suited for your load. Both Provide Equivalent Horizontal Range (EHR) up to 1,200 yards and hold over value and number of clicks to correct your scope. The 2700-B and 2000-B both have an integrated inclinometer, pressure and temperature sensors and both Rangemasters provide distance measurements in 0.3 seconds. 
Comfort of use remains the same with the 2700-B, both Rangemasters are compact, lightweight, and completely ambidextrous. The 2700-B continues to offer the same +/- 3.5 diopter compensation. Rubber eye-cups on both models can be folded over to accommodate glasses. The 2700-B comes with case, lanyard, and battery included. Also included on the 2700-B is the micro SD card adapter and micro SD 8 GB memory card. Guarantee card and test certificate are also included. The lanyard remains easy to install using a loop and eyelet system, and the battery can be removed or inserted through a screw on cap.  
While the 2000-B was a fantastic rangefinder, the 2700-B brandishes essential new features to give hunters and precision shooters the advantage. Leica is stepping into the next generation of dependable equipment, following the tradition of a compact and accurate range finder.
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