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Solid well built kit.

Tank trap

Simple and easy! Quick shipping, great customer support.

Right Product Right Time

Bison performs flawlessly. Right product. Fast shipping. Great price. If you need something look to Bison.


Uneven The bag is a uneven rectangle otherwise it’s a good bag

Beautiful FDE coat on Atlas bipod

Great work and timely delivery. They even called me to personally notify me that they fulfilled my order. That never happens these days.


Excellent Product!!!!

Perfect Bag For NRL22 and PRS

This bag is great for NRL22 and PRS!

Forster dies.

I have a few sets of Forster dies in .300 Winchester Magnum, .300 Norma Magnum and .338 Lapua Magnum. Both the full length sizing dies and the Micrometer Top Bullet Seating dies. I use them in the Forster press and they all perform absolutely flawlessly. Sizing brass works great. They're all sized super consistently and the bullets are always seated within .001 of an inch. I highly recommend Forster dies to anyone. Even if you don't have a Forster press, they will work great for you.

Thanks for getting them. Really like the quality.

Perfect Competition 22LR case!

I've tried multiple options in my search for the perfect case for NRL22/PRSRimfire competitions.
I stumbled into this case and It's been the perfect solution. Enough ammo to shoot the average match plus extra for warm-up. I pack 2 shooters worth of gear in my bag, so having something that fits nicely in the bag while not overloading it is especially helpful. The build quality is excellent and the holder works perfectly so all I have to do is load the plastic sleeves directly from my boxes into it and I'm ready to go! Would highly recommend it, and have already ordered some extras to spread the word about them we intend to donate them to the prize table at our next match.
Would buy again!

Great product Fast Service!

Great product Fast Service! Call them up and asked them some questions about the level and they shipped it that day! I love companies that ship same day that you order. The Level is awesome!!! They call it FDE, but it's not, it desert sand. My entire gun is Aero Precision & Magpul FDE and the level does not match at all, but really cool, so I will paint it to match.

Quick delivery and correct product!

Great customer service and communication.

Great communication

Product was advertised and sent in a timely manner. Spoke with Bison on the phone. They were professional and knowledgeable. I will definitely do business with them again.

Rare Air

Love this VG6 in .65 Creedmoor anyone building a weapon system knows parts are hard if not impossible to find. This is the brake I wanted with Bison Tactical providing the price point and options that got this part into my hands and on my rifle.

MPA Wedge Lock System

I haven't had a chance to use the part yet. I talked to Fred and he had a lot of good information and a very knowledgeable guy.

Amazing company

This company truly cares about its customers. Finally a company that’s not looking to rip you off, amazing prices and good people overall. My order arrived before it was supposed to.
I would really like to thank the folks at Bison Tactical for such great customer service.
May God bless you all.

Great service and product

Really pleased with my mounts. Very good finish and do exactly what it says on the tin! Quick international delivery too- great service.

I have a 50mm objective scope that now it's 2mm from the top of the barrel.

Easy NFA Transfer

This was my first NFA transfer and Bison Tactical made it super easy. Very helpful and answered all of my questions. Communication was excellent.

Have not taken it out yet. That being said MDT magazines don’t fit until you make modifications to the magazine. 🙁

Love the hybrid chassis

I have a Bartlein barrel on this chassis unfortunately I haven’t had the time to test different ammo To see what shoots best. The preliminary results look pretty damn good

Awesome bag & great quality

Awesome. Great service too. Thank you

Aww man!

Ummmm.... it’s in Alphabet jail. I’ll let you know in 6 to 9.

Awesome classic!

extremely happy with the purchase assistance by Bison Tactical and of my purchase: Timeless classic, the Winchester 70 and a lifetime warranty Leupold scope.

Beats a sandbag

The bag is nice and light, provides good support, and comes in good camo colors to blend in with the desert. Belt clip is an added bonus.

Great product

I wanted a convenient way to carry .22lr match ammo, that didn't get damaged or break open like the boxes. This little case is perfect, holds rounds securely, and protects the bullet nose.
Great size, holds 3 boxes (150 rnds), fits great in my backpack, and as an added bonus, everyone at the range will come over to check it out.
Delivery was very prompt, service was great. Overall extremely happy with both the case and with Bison Tactical.