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2A Ar15 titanium take down pins

They are great, I have a few sets of the steel ones as well.

LabRadar Power Bank
Joe M. (Red Lion, US)
LabRadar battery pack

Great price and fast shipping. Would definitely buy from them again.

2 Round Holder
Kenneth C. (Cornelia, US)
Two shell holder

Love it

FFL Transfer Fee
David W. (Denver, US)

FFL Transfer Fee

XLR Element 4 0 MG Chassis
Anonymous (Longmont, US)
First Chassis

I swapped my more traditional carbon stock for the XLR Element chassis and although it added some weight I think the folding stock and lower profile on the pack will be worth that extra weight - not to mention the advantages of the full length arca rail!

Bergara B14R rebarreled action

Wonderful gun........ bug holes out to100 yards....worth every penny and the wait for it to be built.........Happy happy happy!!!!!!! Thanks Mike

2 Round Holder
Richard B. (Riverton, US)
Two round bullet holder

I looked at quite a few options before deciding on yours, specifically due to the bullet tip protection which I felt was mandatory in my opinion and nobody else offered it that I could find.
Mounted it to my Sig Sauer Cross rifle and was completely happy with my decision.
Thank you for excellent product as I now have complete confidence in the option of having a delicate tipped set of rounds immediately available with total confidence they will be in proper condition when they get used.

MPA Competition Cheekpiece
brad t. (Memphis, US)

I like the shape of these and think they work well. However the quality seems to have gone down hill compared to the last one I purchased a couple years ago. This thing looked like a 4th grader used a 3d printer from Amazon to make the piece. The plastic was stringy and rough. I sanded it, and re-drilled the holes to clean them up a bit and I’m going to use it. Just seems it could be made a little better for the price.

Bartlein Barrel Blanks
Daniel M. (Los Angeles, US)

Bartlein Barrel Blanks

NFA Tax Stamp
David R. (Lyons, US)
Great customer service

Bison Tactical helps demystify the NFA process and provides valuable insight and advice.

MPA Competition Cheekpiece
Greg L. (Orlando, US)
Great fit, rough texture

Great fit on shoulder stock. Texture is quite rough on my face. Perhaps s smoother finish would be in order.

Hawkins Precision M5 DBM
Jacobus R. (Overland Park, US)
Hawkins m5

Did not use it yet busy building my stock but by looks and feel I really like this product

Jesse A. (Roanoke, US)
Looks well made

Have installed the SC-ACR on my Atlas bipod but will not use it until my new rifle has been completed.

MPA Competition Cheekpiece
David P. (Parkersburg, US)
MPA Competition Cheekpiece

Without drilling the proper size holes and countersinks and finding screws that fit there is no way to make this part work. I should have known better. $33 doesn’t buy much these days and unfortunately that applies in this case.

Please give us a call. It sounds like the cheekpiece you have is not the correct one for your chassis (MPA made a change about a year ago). We want to make sure you have the correct cheek piece that matches the MPA chassis you have (old version or new). The hole spacing of the cheek pieces should be correct depending on which version of the MPA chassis you have, but they don't work across the old/new versions.

Though we appreciate you thoughts on the low cost of the cheekpiece, we still want to make sure you have the correct cheek piece for you chassis.

Thunder Beast SR Muzzle Brake
David M. (Eugene, US)

Thunder Beast SR Muzzle Brake

AT-X Hinge Assembly
Gary V. (Woodbridge, US)
AI AT-X Hinge assembly

Great product and super fast shipping. I’ve been waiting on this item from other dealers for months. Bison Tactical is my go to.

Berger Hybrid Target 6.5MM 144 gr. 500 CT
Daniel R. (San Francisco, US)
Excellent bullets

These are excellent bullets. Weights were all within 1 tenth of a grain, either 143.9 or 144.0, and lengths varied at most from 1.400" to 1.420", with 95 percent of them being between 1.410" and 1.415". Very happy with the product, even happier with Bison Tacticals customer service. Shipping information hadn't updated in a few days so I emailed customer service about it, received a phone call from the owner later that day resolving everything quickly and easily. Can't beat that. Will definitely be one of the first vendors I check with going forward for supplies

ACC Competition Cheekpiece
Sean D. (North Myrtle Beach, US)
ACC cheek piece

Great cheek piece to keep perfect head positioned each and every shot

AT-X Forend Bridge
Gary V. (Richmond, US)
Great company

Great company to purchase from. Fair prices and very fast shipping.

MDT Elite Vertical Grip
Sean D. (Little River, US)
MDT elite grip

Perfect grip for my ACC .

Trigger Tech Primary Trigger
Bob W. (Litchfield Park, US)
Trigger Tech primary

Always a nice install when the TT fits without relieving the stock (for another popular brand). Great trigger as well.

MPA BA Fixed Hybrid Chassis
Gerald H. (Louisville, US)
MPA BA Fixed Hybrid Chassis

Excellent product and service. I will do business with Bison Tactical again.

CP Rifle Sling
LEN C. (Colorado Springs, US)
Great product, great price, fast service

i needed a sling, they had the colorado PRS sling at a good price and sent it quickly

Silencer Shop Kiosk Fee
John s. (Longmont, US)
Kiosk Fee

Reasonable. Good service.

Bison Tactical Firearm Oil
Customer (Denver, US)
Great customer service!

Great customer service, they answered every question I had and then some, and helped me get the best price for every item I needed!