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1st time buyer

Looks good haven’t got to try it out yet

Big Horn action and wrench

Lots of help from Bison Tactical on this first precision rifle build.

Great Fast Personal Service

Borrowed one last summer had to get my own for PRS matches this spring.

Very happy with it

Bison Tactical

Delivered quickly and just as described. Great transaction!!

Love the tab rear bag. Right material. Helps keep rifle super steady.

Barrel Temp Gauge Strip

Exactly what I was needing and works like a charm. Just clean the barrel with the provided alcohol pad, let dry and stick it on. First range trip with it on the barrel was pretty cold at 50 deg F. Barrel never got over 80 deg F after a few five round strings. I think the cold weather kept things cool. Can’t wait to try it out when things heat up here in Texas.

Accurate Mag and Tab Gear bag order

Fred a Bison Tactical was a pleasure to do business with. Very responsive which isnt always the case in this industry. Will purchase from them again.

Great service

The HOLSTEIN! A bag full of beauty and function...

I bought these for my boys for Christmas, and after they laughed rolling on the floor, they love them! I have one in Multicam I’ve used for a year now at NRL22 and local club center fire matches. Incredibly useful as a barricade, tank trap, rooftop, rear bag, get my drift. The most borrowed piece of kit I have! Heavy fill or light fill, works like a champ!

Tactical udder fat boy

I really like this bag. I recently took it to an NRL .22 match, and used only this bag on every prop. It is the most diverse bag I have ever used.

Great service

Quick and dependable

MPA Spigot Mount V4

Lab hero!

Believe it or not, this is my SECOND Lab Radar! I use them, along with my Magneto Speed on a regular basis. I use both systems when load testing, or verifying velocities. I find the Lab Radar a more universal tool than the Magneto Speed, simply because all I do is set it up, turn it on with the appropriate sensitivity settings, and shoot! The Magneto speed can be somewhat cumbersome for attaching, and can affect barrel harmonics and POI vs POA. The velocity readings are quite similar, so oftentimes I will use both when determining velocities on a ladder test for a precision rifle. The only drawback to the Lab Radar is its sensitivity to aiming. You can buy an aftermarket sight for it, or I found that if I cut a straw and tape it to the top, it works just as good.

A quality product.

Bison wind flag

Bison wind flag works great light and tough

Great Piece Of Equipment

Toss the Hornady comaparator. Keep their ammo and values. Try the Forster Datum Dial.

Great product for the price. I am very happy with it so far. The customer service was awesome. You guys answered all my questions about the product.

Full Weight and Light Weight

I have the original Utter and love it. I have the light weight version which I am looking forward to using in comps this year.
The design allows for flexibility you cannot get from traditional style bags.
My original has been used heavily and is showing very little sign of wear.

Tactical udder

Quality and function were above my expectations of this bag.

DTA Purchase

Excellent service and communication. Fred was great to deal with...

Great quality

Excellent shooting bag, I'm impressed with the quality and versatility.

Great Staff

Honestly I haven't even put one round through the upper I bought from Bison. My brother n I found they had a great buy on Aero Precision upper with bolt and charging handle. We talked with them over the phone and knew we had to buy.

Tactical Udder - Fat Boy

Udder bag

This is the second one I’ve purchased. Both were built well. Newest one seems a little stiffer and not as pliable as the first. When I use it in a blind I can’t get it to flatten out as much as I need it too. Still a good bag and I’m sure I will figure out something else for the blind.

Udder bag

Just want to put this out there anyone who is into prs shooting this bag is amazing great quality and also great service Fred hooked me up and love it so much amazing product would definitely recommend to everyone