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Great service and products

Totally happy with my purchase,and service rendered.......look forward to doing more buisiness with you Fred.

Tactical Udder - Get One

The bag is very well made and easy to adjust the fill if you want. I think it's good just the way it came. I like that it comes with the straps to attach it to the rifle if you need/want to and the handles on the two sides make it easy to move between shooting obstacles. It's a do-it-all bag...from barricades to tank-traps to rocks to tires and even as a rear rest. When the stage rules say only one bag can be used, this is the one I grab every time. Get one.

Outstanding Customer Service

Ordered an Atlas Bipod in FDE. Color is spot on and shipping was extremely fast. Got a personal phone call after my order to let me know that they received payment and will be shipping it out ASAP... Bison Tactical is a great place to shop with friendly staff.

Multiple Use

Love the bag! Used it for deer hunting before a match! Works great off the corner rail of a ladder stand!

Great Lightweight Bag

Exactly what I was looking for.

excellent bag

got the udder with the arca clamp. it's great being able to move the rifle and have the bag come with it and not have to deal with straps hanging on the bell of the glass. nice and stable.

Great Customer Service

Thanks for the updates and quality service

High Quality Stuff

The quality of this product is obvious when you first grab it. Can’t wait to bust it out in the Regional Finale in Utah

100% so far

well, I've gotten two emails so far from bison asking me to wright a review, its a little to soon to give a in depth review and I'm worried about ruggedness they say its competition proven, but I put my tac through hell more like a Mil/LE use, but I'll give my initial impressions, its my first atlas bipod so far it looks like a good piece of tac, if its as rugged as it seems now I won't have a problem, awesome features that other bipods don't give you, and most of all the costumer service was excellent, I ordered it custom in a cerakote coyote and couldn't be more pleased with the finishing job, and service thanks bison tactical, I might do a follow up review later to let you know how rugged this bipod is..

udderly good

fantastic product, well made, highly recommend!! Fast shipper, great customer service, cannot say enough.

Awesome tactical udder bags

Well made bags. Colors exact. Handled beautifully at the competition.

RRS Anvil 30 mounted on Feisol CT3372 with series 3 adapter

The port on the Feisol CT3372 measures 2.837 x .385 deep. The RRS series 3 adapter does indeed fit although it is slightly smaller diameter at 2.752 and slightly longer at .420 (it bottoms out before the top flange touches). It does secure into the tripod with three set screws and seems like it will work just fine. The Anvil 30 would also work just fine mounted to the stud on the original plate. the Anvil 30 is a piece of fine engineering work, very impressed with how this is put together. It appears like it will be bulletproof with mostly stainless steel construction. Locks very securely onto both Arca and Pic rails.


Udder bag is amazing! Molds to any barricade you place it on.

Works Well

I've used it both with and without case lube to just resize the neck and bump the shoulder for my 6BR cases so that they chamber smoothly when reloaded without excessive wear on the brass from full length resizing every time.

So far it's done exactly what it's supposed to and doesn't seem to care whether or not I use case lube. I've loaded the same cases 4 times now and have yet to need to full length resize even using somewhat fast loads for straight BR (105's at 2920 fps). The only thing I plan to change with this is that I would like to add a Forster expander ball so that I can slightly oversize with the bushing before properly sizing with the expander ball to allow me to more easily correct any small dents or dings in the neck of the case since the bushing alone cannot do this.

First time purchase

Great company to discover they shipped fast and were very knowledgeable about the product

Love it

Love my game changer....but the "toof" is growing on me quick. The udders really wrap around just about anything and the "table top" you get is massive and stable. Love it.


Good equipment

The Tactical Udder is a well designed, well made, quality piece of equipment. I must have pushed the wrong button because I didn’t think I had ordered the rail attachment? But all-in, the Udder is a good item for every shooter’s range bag.

Traust Rear Bag

Well built rear bag. Great stitching. Extraordinarily lite.
Very fast shipping, Would highly recommend Bison Tactical and Traust bags.

Trip Across the Pond

Using your Udder bag strapped to a piece of pipe in the back of the ToyotA pickup.
Makes an excellent rest between my knee and right elbow.
Longest Baboon kill so far 2035 meters..
Looks like a product that will get lots of useful adaptation to build an excellent position.

Great Support Bag

The Gamer Bag is one of the best negative space bags around. It has enough adjustment straps to adjust it's volume and density for the situation. The shoulder strap is useful to hold the bag in position under your arm or in front of your chest.

Great Adaptable Support Bag

The Udder Bag is a fantastic support bag. At a recent long range shoot about one third of the competitors were using one. Many of the other shooters were borrowing them. It is very adaptable to various shooting positions and surfaces. The more convoluted the barricade the more you need an Udder Bag.

Awesome Customer Service

I ordered a tac udder from Bison Tactical. Prior to the order shipping, I received a call from Scott. He wanted to verify my order and ensure that all of my questions were answered about the product. This company is great.


Tactical udder

First off I have to say I was very impressed with the attention to customer service. The next day after I ordered the bag I was contacted personally via phone call to make sure I had ordered the correct product and had confirmed my Mailing address along with having a few questions I had being addressed. It was a nice detail it’s seams like most vendors/retailers don’t give a shit about the customer these days.. As far as the product goes I’m super happy with how well it is constructed the handles are a nice touch and it seams to have just the right amount of media in it. The fabric is stiff but seams to break in fast. Over all I’m very pleased with the tactical udder and am impressed with Bison Tactical’s attention to detail! I would highly recommend dealing with these guys thank you very much!

Great products, great service!

Bison tactical knows the details about the products they sell, and has real practical knowledge on each product to help make good recommendations. They top it all off with great service.

Great products and service

Overall a very good experience.........will definitely do business in the future.