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Bighorn Action Wrench
Nathan S. (Fillmore, US)
Works as advertised

Works as advertised. An essential piece of equipment for taking barrels off and on.

MPA Competition Cheekpiece
Gordon W. (Ashville, US)
A must have!!!!

An excellent upgrade to my MPA chassis very versatile.

Berger 6.5mm 140gr Hybrid Target (500 CT)
David B. (Aransas Pass, US)

Great product

Perfect amount of fill for OG.

I ordered 1 bag. It was the perfect amount for my waxed canvas OG. It is now so light that I barely notice it. I carried the bag for 20+ miles hunting last week. I shot a spike bull and my son harvested his first mule deer shooting off of this fill/bag on top a tripod. This settles and locks up nicely.

I cut one of the beads in half, it is solid black all the way through. These beads are still squishy. They spring back fully when compressed. But it's not as squishy as the white fake snow beads. It's still not completely firm like the original HDPE beads. Which is the only reason I'm giving it four stars. I'm still on the hunt for a lightweight fill that is completely firm with no squish. However until that is found I would definitely order this and recommend it 100%. I cannot speak to whether or not it is the same as git-lite because I don't own any and have never seen it myself.

MPA Competition Cheekpiece
Dan P. (DeKalb, US)

Fits like a glove. This isn’t for comfort like a pillow but rather a secure positive position every time. We all know consistent repetition is key to repetition. This cheekpiece insures head placement is the same every time. You can just feel it.

RimX 22LR Barrel with Action
Ryan V.Z. (Lacon, US)
Good Equipment, Good Experience

So far, so good. Action is very nice and has performed very well. I really appreciate the adjustable mag catch on the magazines. They are also much easier to load than Vudoo magazines, and I have not had any lockups or problems issues, yet. I paired it with a 22” Benchmark barrel from Bison Tactical, and it’s a solid combo. This was my first time buying from Bison Tactical, and it was a good experience. They spent some time talking to me prior to the order to answer some questions, and they responded quickly to a follow up email I sent. It was an overall good experience. Thanks.

Accuracy 1st Scope Level
Paul C. (Scottsdale, US)
Great Anti Can't Device

Instead of wasting money on traditional bubble levels these are the way to go. Easy to see, mount and survive abuse. Ceramic ball instead of an air pocket that can change shape or size due to environmental changes. Shipping was fast and prompt.

JP .223 Firing Pin Retainer Pin
Justin W. (Atlanta, US)
Customer service

Had a great experience with the owner, who I had a wonderful conversation with regarding a product he carried. 10/10.

NFA Transfer Fee
Matt (Denver, US)
Seemless NFA process

The process to submit my form with the ATF through Bison Tactical was seamless. The crew at Bison Tactical takes the time to guide you through the process. The fee is reasonable for the time sepnt during the NFA process.

RimX 22LR Action
Denver N.
RimX action

Best action on market for prs-mars matches!! Action came in on Thursday the build was done on Friday at noon shot mars championship match on Saturday and Sunday!! Never a problem!!

Accuracy 1st Scope Level
Sean (Steamboat Springs, US)
Super fast shipping.

Shipping was fast. The product was what I ordered (no surprise). Bison Tactical is run by guys who shoot the gear they stock. Support the people who support you.

Barrel Temperature Gauge
Doug (Loveland, US)
Great Customer Service

Outstanding!! I called to clarify the details of a product and they answered the phone. We spoke for 5-10 minutes on the item and they addressed all of my questions. Product was delivered a few days later. Will 100% order from Bison Tactical again!!

MPA Competition Cheekpiece
Bain (Charlotte, US)
Awesome cheek piece

I was struggling getting consistent horizontal alignment with the standard MPA cheek piece. It just didn’t fit me perfectly. The Bison cheek piece design is absolutely awesome. I oriented to have more right side offset and dialed in the height. I can blind mount the rifle and when i open my eyes I am dead perfect on my scope over and over again.

RRS Cinch-LR Elite
Anthony G. (Wheat Ridge, US)
Great equipment, better than I deserve

This is a great made in the USA product and it’s one of those “buy once cry once” things. I will never wonder if I could have gotten something better. I have tried the stud things in front before and they suck on a Bino case. I hunted with these on my Vortex 10x42 Razors in my Bino pouch and out onto my tripod 10 times a day, never shifted, always awesome.

Barrel Vice
Ken S. (Minneapolis, US)

I have not use the tools that I’ve ordered. I’m still waiting for the action to put everything together

2 Round Holder
Jeng (Vista, US)

2 Round Holder

Bighorn Action Wrench
RB (Boulder, US)
Zermatt Action Wrench

The tool is well made with helpful torque values printed on it. It worked as designed for installing the Bighorn action.

Accuracy 1st Scope Level
Kip K. (Denver, US)
Scope level

Great product fast delivery highly recommended

Transaction with Bison Tactical was flawless as usual. However, I got pounded by a hurricane just before it was delivered and have not had time to install. Also our range was flattened so I don’t know when I’ll be able to test it.

Ammo Brick Item
Jeng (Vista, US)

Ideal for keeping ammo and spent brass in order.

RimX 22 LR Magazine
Todd M. (Indianapolis, US)

RimX 22 LR Magazine

RimX Barrel Thread Protector
Luke G. (Luxemburg, US)
Rimx thread protector

This is the only option I have found that fits a 20" proof competition contour rimx barrel. Well made and fits great.

ACC Competition Cheekpiece
David G. (Ronda, US)

I personally think it’s a Big upgrade to any rifle Got the opportunity to shoot a friend of mine’s rifle with the cheap piece on there I loved it so that’s why I purchased one waiting on my chassis to get here now Can’t wait to get it on there and spend some time with it and see what I really think of it

AT-X Forend Bridge
J R.P.d.A. (College Station, US)
AT-X Forend Bridge

Very good response order filled right away and shipped immediately. Highly recommend this company

Barrel Temperature Gauge
Leonard B. (Chicago, US)
Barrel temp strip

Great fast service the only thing I would consider changing I shoot a heavy palama Bartlien barrel and the strips are a little wide so edges can peel up a little or mabey different adhesive